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    Ubuntu Afya Medical Centres

      Sustainable medical centres close to the patient

    We operate a network of 27 Ubuntu Afya Medical Centres providing care to rural populations. Core to our model is the engagement of partner communities to set-up, co-own, and co-operate our medical centres. We believe that by engaging communities in the health system we improve the relevance of our services, patient trust and loyalty, and encourage community ownership over available health care services. This network has served patients from Western, Central, and Coastal Kenya and empowered 27 communities to become actively involved in the health system. Afya Research Africa will be setting up two secondary medical centres in 2017 to meet demand generated by existing centres in the network.

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    Stone HMIS

      Locally appropriate health technology supporting healthcare provision and decision-making across Kenya

    We developed Stone HMIS® to oversee our network of medical centers, improve quality of care, and aid in health data collection and decision-making. It is an open-source health information and clinic management system with locally appropriate features that fit the realities of healthcare provision in Kenya. Core to Stone HMIS® is its ability to operate across all types of care and platforms, bringing the benefits of health technologies to the whole health system. Stone HMIS® is currently deployed in all 24 of our medical centers. In 2017, we will continue developing and evaluating the system and seek partnerships to scale Stone HMIS® beyond the Ubuntu Afya network.

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    Research and Evidence

      Promoting research and best practice in healthcare

    Our Research and Evidence Program promotes the synthesis and translation of evidence to inform health practice. We support monitoring and evaluation for health and development programs in Kenya. We also complete evidence synthesis work on relevant health topics and take part in trainings that help translate evidence from research into practice. We are seeking new programs that will leverage our growing network of Ubuntu Afya Medical Centers as a health research partner.

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