Our Approach

Afya Research Africa is unique. 

By working in complementary areas of healthcare – providing care, health technology, and research – Afya Research Africa focuses its programs on sustainable solutions that tackle access, cost, and quality issues associated with healthcare services in Kenya.

We work with communities to set-up and manage medical centers, develop health technologies to help providers succeed, and study our work to improve clinical services and public health interventions. We believe in building sustainable, evidence-based health systems that harness the strengths of communities and use locally appropriate health technologies to support the provision of care.

In 2016, we grew the Ubuntu Afya network from 11 medical centers to 28 across Kenya, further developed Stone HMIS® and deployed it in all 28 sites, and supported monitoring and evaluation for 3 health and development programs.

We are proud of all that we have accomplished and energized for 2017 and beyond. We believe we have a strong base on which we can continue to improve our work and show that quality care can be provided to rural Kenyans in a sustainable way. 

In partnership, 

The Afya Research Africa Team

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